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Sharon LGBTQ+ Pride Day, June 9, 2024


June 9, 2024

Memorial Park Beach, Sharon, MA


You Belong Here. Sharon Celebrates Pride.

Happy Pride! While we celebrate Pride with all its usual rainbow flair, we also continue to stand against racially motivated violence and anti-Black, anti-Semitic, and anti-Asian injustice. We hope cars will show solidarity with Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, faith groups, and LGBTQ+ youth of color. Please especially show support for our transgender/non binary kids and adults targeted by hateful and damaging state legislation this year yet again. The Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth related the situation: “This current wave of anti-LGBTQ legislative activity in states across the nation is unprecedented. But the proliferation of bills targeting transgender youth is particularly intense and rapidly accelerating: 79 anti-transgender bills were filed in 2020, doubling in 2021 to 147 anti-transgender proposals, and doubling again to roughly 280 anti-transgender bills active in state legislatures this year." (source)

Sharon Pride is on June 9, 2024.

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